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Stereo 3D - Stereographic Basics

How do I plan a Stereo3D shoot?

3d_page.pngIt is hard to escape the fascination of a stereoscopic image. But how do we produce staggering Stereo3D images with superior Quality? Especially when the economic conditions are limited. Which equipment do I use to achieve the best results based on the specific project?

The first two lessons of the webinar is an introduction to the topic S3D. The basics include the physical conditions of humans which define the limits of the Stereo3D and analyses spatial vision to understand how the equipment can simulate this process? We explain the specifics of stereoscopy such as stereobase, parallax or convergence so that the participants can deal safely with those terms. Equipped with the understanding of physical boundaries, the participants will be introduced to the present equipment and a shooting workflow will be discussed.

The third lesson builds upon what was already discussed and deals with the technical details of realizing the esthetic demands. Questions about the feasibility of the artistic demands in conjunction with story-telling and the physical boundaries of the viewer will be the central subject.

Following the webinar, the equipment can be tested at tectum.



  • Panasonic Z10000
  • Panasonic AG-3DP1GE
  • Modula Baby MKII - 3D-Setup
  • SbS mini Stereotec Rig
  • P+S Micro Rig
  • P+S Standard Rig
  • Aladin 8Kanal MKII
  • Mini-Spiegelrig from Mr. Minh
  • tba



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