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How do I prepare a high-speed shoot?

HighSpeed_Lichtkonzepte_Page.pngThis course consists of an online seminar with an introduction to the lighting and camera technology as well as a day at tectum in Berlin where the participants have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge.

Most people look stunned once the equipment reveals what you cannot see with your naked eye. For some time now, this effect is used by commercials, science and sports.

Making the invisible visible. That is the big secret behind the phenomenon of slow motion. What happens when a light bulb shatters, a drop of water falls on a stovetop or an arrow is shot through an air balloon? During this online seminar, Christian Klimke will introduce the participants to the world of slow motion. The highlight is a training day on location in Berlin where the participants will learn to use different high-speed cameras.

At the end of the workshop the participants are able to the define the ideal frame rate, the correct light and the corresponding camera system for their own highspeed shoot.
This webinar is an excellent preparation for the high-speed camera "driver's license" with which the participants can rent a high-speed camera from tectum without an additional operator.



  • Phantom Miro
  • Olympus i-SPEED PL
  • Sony FS700 
  • tba
  • Light: Tungsten, flicker Free and HighSpeed Daylight



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