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tectum - raum&zeit | filmgeräteverleih is an equipment rental house for digital productions. Highspeed, 360°, VR, Stereo3D- or 2D-Productions - we cover all segments and develop custom made solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Besides our high service standards, one of our strengths is in finding solutions for technically-demanding and innovative products which we are ably supporting with the know-how of our in-house staff and our widely spread network of freelancers.

Our offered products range from cost-efficient to upscale solutions with the highest standards. Our goal is to find the best fitting equipment for the production that meets the needs and satisfies the wishes of the DOPs and the producers.

Our portfolio consists of Phantom Flex 4K, Phantom Miro, FT-One, Antelope Pico, Sony FS7, Modula Baby MKII with Cmos or CCD-Kodak Sensor (2D & 3D), P+S Micro Rig, P+S Standard Rig, Transvideo 3D Evolution 10", a wide range of recorders from Atomos or Blackmagic. We offer C-Mount lenses from Kowa, PL or EOS-Mount Compact Primes, a Fujinon Cabrio Zoom 19-90mm, different EF-Mount lenses like Walimex or others.

We are constantly updating our equipment pool and what we do not yet have, we will organize for you.

Our equipment is rented out locally in Berlin, nationally as well as worldwide. Naturally, you could get access to our Know How as well as book well-experienced crew through us.

tectum - raum&zeit is Christian Klimke as well as Ingolf Schubert, Mitch Bozzo, Jürgen Ruge, Luca Hain, Christoph Griep and many more.


Christian Klimke (CEO)


Mitch Bozzo (Freelancer)


Ingolf Schubert (Emplyee)


Jürgen Ruge (Employee)


Luca Hain (Trainee)