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CINEC 2014

Posted by  torsten  Sep 25, 2014



Review Cinec 2014


The Cinec 2014 was a huge success for tectum - raum&zeit | filmgeräteverleih. Tectum and Studio AFS won the „Special Cinec Award 2014“ for the NiceDice. The NiceDice enables you to connect your camera accessories to your 15mm rod system. The NiceDice is a versatile and stable. tectum - raum&zeit is a official distributor for the NiceDice-System. An Online-Shop is in progress. However, using this link you can already get information as well as order the NiceDice.

Another highlight was the modified Wacken3D-Rig.


tectum redesigned the Rig and complimented it with matched 3D-Zooms. tectum used ten 11.5-69mm Kowa Cmount Zooms from Kowa to select the best matching pairs. tectum as well developed a special mount for the Zooms that enables you to adjust the backfocus easily. During the initial tests as well as during the presentation on the Cinec the Zooms worked perfectly fine. The change of focal length in this 3D-setup is done in less than a minute, which increases the shooting ration tremendously.

Beside the Wacken3D-Rig and the NiceDice System tectum showed the Ribcage-Kit from BackBone, the ARRI Amira, the BlackMagic URSA, the Phantom Miro and the new Sony Alpha7s. Furthermore with us on the Cinec-Booth was HANSE-INNO-TECH with the new Celere Lens (36mm), the Special Carmount System, Slider and other Grip-Accessories.

Cinec2014_2_A7S.png Cinec2014_4_RibCage.png